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    PvP Combo ...

    Писане by Enclaver on Съб Ное 26, 2011 6:04 am

    1) Caster Cleave/Wizard Cleave-- Wizard's Sleeve: Frost Mage, Resto Shammy, Destro Lock,also there is comps like Ele Shaman, Destro Lock and Resto Druid/Holy Paladin
    2) TSG: TEH SUPER GOSUS UH DK/Pally/Warrior
    3) Beastcleave: Enhancement/BM Hunter/Holy Pally
    4) Mancleave: Prot Warrior, Arms Warrior, Holy Pally
    5) Lumberjack cleave: Another good one. Arms/Arms/Holy Pally.
    6) Shatterplay: Frost Mage/Shadow Priest/Resto shammy
    7) RMP: Rogue, Mage, Priest
    Cool Shadowplay: Aff/Shadow/Resto Shammy
    9) Disease Cleave: Unholy/Shadow/Resto Shammy
    10) RLS: Rogue, Lock, Shammy
    11) Beavercleave: MM Hunter, Enhancement, Resto Shammy (srsly?)
    12) Thugcleave: Hunter/Rogue/Healer
    13) FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF: Tree times Three
    14) Pedocleave: Spriestx2, Disc
    15) Kanyewestcleave: Shammyx3, DK/Rogue/Shammy or any combination of Shaman, Rogues, and DK's.
    16) Orangecleave: Classes don't matter, Valanar+Shadowmournex2
    17) Kittycleave/Menstruationcleave: Feral/Arms/Holy Pally
    18) Bewbeescleave: 2 Drainei Spriests, 1 Drainei Disc Priest.
    19) Nerd Cleave: Unholy DK, Prot/ret paladin, arms warrior
    20) Smash Bros Cleave: Triple Combat Rogue
    21) Heroic RLS - Rogue Spriest, RShaman
    22) Homocleave: Double healer anything.
    23) Dispelcleave: Disc/Holy/Arms
    24) Habeñero Cleave. Fire Mage/Spriest or AffLock/ HPally
    25) WLD: Warrior, Lock, Druid
    26) Nameless: MM Hunter/Shammy/Ret
    27) RRP: Rogue, Ret, Priest
    28) No Name: Rogue, Ret/Prot, Arms
    29) Drain Cleave: Afflock, Disc, HPally
    30) PHD: Holy Pally, DK, Hunter
    31) Burn cleave: Fire Mage/Destro Lock/Healer
    32) Holyplay: Disc/Pally (ret or prot/ret) resto
    33 )Owlplay - shadow / resto shaman / Boomkin
    34) OWLLLLLSTORMMMMMMM (or something like that) - Warrior / Holy Pally / Boomkin
    35) PingPong Cleave - Ele Shaman / Disc Priest / Boomkin
    36) Venomcleave: Rogue/Hunter/Healer
    37) Hogwart's Cleave: Mage/Mage/Resto Shammy
    38) African turtle Cleave: protwar/Hunter/HPally
    39)Scatter Play: Hunter, SPriest, Resto Shaman
    40)Twilight Play: Rogue, SPriest, Resto Shaman

    "Благословен да бъде този,който няма какво да каже и все пак мълчи" - Емил Стефанов - Enclaver

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